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Kanui Ohana brings you the joy of family creating a new enterprise and adventure. We are excited to tap into the skills so profound in this new generation of gamers, bringing these talented, diverse young folks together to dream, create and have fun. So proud of Keoni, Kanui and Keanu taking bold steps to "change their stars". Learning together how to create and pen gaming ideas. How to set goals. How to wear a "business hat". How to take constructive feedback. How to listen to others. A special shout out to Udit, Ishan, Ashish, Yogesh, Mohavier for their absolutely creative genius. Logan, Shayd, Chris, Vincent & Andreas for feedback, testing and support. And of course our littlest gamers, Izabella and Evangelina! Most awesome stamp of approval ladies! Please enjoy the products that will be coming from Jolly Hatchet Games and its hardworking, fun loving team starting in September, 2018. Away we go! Mahalo and Aloha Kanui Ohana We want to hear from you!